Entering the European Prepreg Equipment Market

Gallagher is pleased to announce the completion of a design/build project delivering thermoplastic prepreg equipment to a European company that makes product for aerospace and other high-performance applications.

The work included custom design and manufacturing of key elements of a unidirectional thermoplastic prepreg production line. It’s the second international prepreg project Gallagher has completed in 2023, following equipment and technical support services delivered to a customer in South Korea working in the alternative energy sector.

The European engagement Is part of Gallagher’s growing business in high performance unidirectional thermoplastic prepreg equipment manufacturing systems.

“Europe, Asia and the United States are the heavyweights of the global composites market, and we now have a presence in all three,” said company CEO Jim Gallagher. “As the use of thermoplastic composite materials continues to grow, we look forward to helping customers build new, or improve existing, prepreg manufacturing processes.”